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MBRP - 2021-2024 ARCTIC CAT BLAST LT 4000 2380113

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Performance Enhancement: This muffler exhaust delivers a noticeable 1 HP increase, enhancing your vehicle's power output for improved acceleration and overall performance. This boost in horsepower translates to a more dynamic driving experience, especially during spirited driving or acceleration maneuvers.

Weight Reduction: With a weight savings of 13 pounds compared to stock exhaust systems, this helps to reduce the overall weight of your vehicle. This reduction in weight contributes to improved handling, agility, and fuel efficiency, allowing you to enjoy a more responsive and nimble driving experience.

Aggressive Sound: Designed to produce an aggressive exhaust note, this provides a deep and throaty sound that enhances the auditory experience of your vehicle. The aggressive sound profile adds a sporty and exhilarating tone to your exhaust, making a bold statement on the road and at the track.

Superior Durability: Constructed from T304 stainless steel, it offers best-in-class durability and longevity. T304 stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion, rust, and heat, ensuring that your exhaust system maintains its integrity and appearance even in extreme climates and off-road conditions.

Bolt-On Installation: Featuring a bolt-on installation design, this is easy to install without the need for welding or extensive modifications. The straightforward installation process allows for quick and hassle-free upgrades, getting you back on the road with minimal downtime.