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Experience the ultimate snowmobiling customization with the Knucks handlebar risers. Designed to elevate your sledding game, these risers offer unparalleled personalization of your handlebars' height and appearance.

Crafted from super-strong 6061-T06 aluminum, these risers are built to withstand even the harshest terrain and toughest conditions. Their tumbled, anodized finish in a range of colors adds a stylish touch to your snowmobile, while the laser-etched graphics serve a practical purpose, with a centering line on the top cap for precise handlebar adjustments.

Available in heights ranging from 1.25" to 8", these risers accept both stock 7/8" and oversized 1 1/8" bars thanks to their integral adapters. Whether you prefer higher bars for added comfort or lower bars for increased control and dexterity, the Knucks handlebar risers have got you covered.

For those who value a clean and organized cockpit, the Knucks offer additional accessories such as the Mountain Strap Adapter top caps for your Ski-Doo mountain strap and the Knucks Cluster Relocate to get your controls off the bars.